Our Story


About our owners: mailena and justin urso

Over 10 years ago, we were English teachers living on the island of Shikoku in Japan. We lived in a small village of less than 1,000 people and fell in love with the area, the people, and one of the defining characteristics of Japan - karaoke. We didn’t realize how much we loved karaoke though until we moved to Chicago and found ourselves gathering countless groups of friends to join us at a private room karaoke place on the north side of the city.


That love for karaoke turned into a business plan as we wanted to share our experiences with more and more people and that’s when we developed the plan for Big Box Karaoke. Our first attempt to open Big Box was in Chicago but the recession hit hard and our effort fell short. As the years passed our dream never faded though. We moved back to Northwest Arkansas years later and came across a great location in downtown Fayetteville where we would make our second attempt to bring Big Box to market. It wasn’t meant to be though at that time, but in 2018 it’s finally a reality!


Our dream location opened up in May 2018. As we were walking by late one night during a birthday outing we saw the building. We both looked at it and said this is it. We hadn’t talked about opening Big Box again in quite some time but we knew it. So here we are. The first Big Box Karaoke location right here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The place we call home and love so much. We are excited to put a staple in this community and make our dream a reality. We hope you love visiting Big Box as much as we love sharing private room karaoke with the people around us.